Life changes and transitions, retirement, motherhood, change of employment, changes in studies. These all bring on new states of anxiety and agitation.

Life is all about change and accepting and being able to be proactive with transitions. Change unfortunately becomes more difficult in these particularly unpredictable fast moving times.

Retirement is not what it used to be. There sometimes can be no retirement or it is enforced unexpectedly on a person.

Employment is not as predictable as it once was. Gone are the days of working in only one company all our lives. Industries and technology changes. Where once it was prestigious to be working in oil exploration, it is now difficult to find work in Geology. So it goes with ; newspaper presses, film development and more.

Motherhood as a change in state is not only hormonal but also brings on new responsibilities and new memories and behaviours. It is not all plain sailing and I do not understand as to why it is seen as “natural’ when we now live in a world of 24 hour internet and fast service. Having a baby takes months, years and decades off a person’s life. The life stages of a child are not short but can go on for a long time in these days when children do not leave their homes and when homes are expensive to purchase. The life cycle of a mother therefore has also changed and does not stay within the same cycles our mothers and grandmothers before us had.