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Q.) How quickly will I be seen?
A.) If you need an appointment urgently every effort will be made to offer one within a week.

Q.) How many sessions will I need?
A.) It should be possible to indicate roughly how many sessions you will need after your
initial assessment. Some have a few sessions. Some have therapy for much longer time periods. It can vary depending upon the clients requirements. For some it will only be one or two sessions if it is for a small issue. But I will only have more of an idea after an initial assessment.

B) If longer sessions are required then these can vary. This varies from individual to individual and depending upon the issues and approach the client prefers.

Q.) Are appointments weekly?
A.) Yes they are usually once a week, and then can be phased down with the option for the
occasional follow-up to help you maintain your progress.

Q.) Is my treatment confidential?
A.) Your treatment is carried out in complete confidentiality. I am an accredited
psychotherapist and have a code of ethics.

Q.) What happens at the initial consultation?
A.) We discuss the issue at hand and the underlying theories and practice underpinning the
treatment in order to establish a strategy and goals for achieving your objective. This will
vary depending upon the approach you are looking for. I am an integrative psychotherapist
and have had training in many approaches. This allows me to look at other possibilities which
may be of assistance to you.

Q.) Can I talk to you before we meet?
A.) It is my usual practice to speak to each client on the phone prior to our first session.

Q.) How long are sessions?
A.) individual and couple sessions sessions are 50 minutes.

Q.) Do you offer day and evening sessions?
A.) I offer both daytime and evening slots. Zoom sessions are also available.

Q. How much notice do I need to give to cancel or rearrange an appointment?
A.) I have a busy practice and require 72 hour’s notice for cancellation or rearrangement as
the time and clients are set ahead in my West London practice. If not cancelled in time then
payment is due. Diarised missed or cancelled sessions by the client will be charged in full and the client will be expected to make payment at the next session if not before.

I take breaks around Christmas, Easter and Summer and will give you as much notice as
possible. Missed appointments outside of agreed holiday periods will need to be paid for so I
can hold the space for you, however I will always try and rearrange your appointment where

Q. How do I book an appointment?
Email me at and we can arrange to talk on the phone to discuss what you may be looking for.