Symptoms of depression vary from person to person, some can feel anxious at the same time too. Many who are depressed do not realise as to how depressed they may really be. They just realise they are constantly struggling to cope by doing things, keeping busy, shopping, changing jobs, changing partner; when the real thing that needs to be faced is themselves.

It is only when there are physical reactions; not being able to sleep, drinking, watching endless TV, sitting still for hours at a time as though in a worry state, feeling dizzy and having double vision (for no medical reason at all). Only when our body tells us by breaking down do we then listen. The mind-body connection is linked and if we do not listen to our mind then our body will force us to do so.

The symptoms of depression vary from person to person, and the level of anxiety and depression may get progressively worse, or sometimes it may become very severe, then at other times, it will ease.Often, people don’t realise how depressed and anxious they are, because their depression has developed gradually. They may try to struggle on and cope by keeping busy. This can cause stress and exhaustion. It may even lead to sleeplessness or physical pain, such as a constant headache.

Symptoms of depression

The most usual symptoms of depression may be one or all of the following:• Gaining or Losing weight• Difficulty sleeping• Losing interest in life• Unable to make decisions• Feeling restless and agitated• Losing appetite• Finding it difficult to cope• Feeling exhausted

How is depression caused?

At times it can be a straight-forward link. A relationship breakdown or breavement. Other times it could be good news such as a job, family celebration. Or sometimes it seems inexplicable and the reasons are deeper.

How to lift depression?

At times in the past, it may have been talking to a friend, relative or colleague which may have helped. Or you may go see your family doctor. Discussing it may help you feel you are not alone.Exercise is important. Keeping fit, moving are the last thing you may want to do when you are depressed but is so important to helping you get out of it.Eat properly. This is a hard thing to do when depressed as you will be most tempted to eat all the carbohydrate fat-filled foods.Keep on with your acitivities. Your work. Do things around the house, keep busy.

If all the above does not work then also see a therapist. Get it licked once and for all.

Medication for depression

St Johns Wort is a complementary alternative medication which can be used. It has had good results in clinical trials for low to moderate depression. It can be effective for some and no harmful side-effects have been recorded.

Antidepressants can be effective if depression is severe or goes on for a long time. They may help to combat feelings of anxiety so that you can deal with problems effectively again. Antidepressants don’t usually work straight away – often, people don't notice their mood improving for two or three weeks. Like all medicines, antidepressants have some side effects, though these are usually mild and tend to wear off as the treatment goes on.

Antidepressants can be very helpful for severe and long-term depression. They take awhile to take effect and you need to give about two or three weeks to feel it starting to work. Do not take yourself off medication suddenly but taper it off with your doctors advice. Sudden withdrawal also has its side-effects. Medications do have possible side-effects. Some medications can cause dry mouth and constipation and some newer antidepressants may cause nausea and anxiety for short periods. Doctors will ask you to stick with the medication unless side-effects are very bad. Request a change of medication if it is bad, you may find the replacement may suit you more.There is such a myth over depression. In rare exceptions you do not have to stay in a depressed state. It is not your lot in life. There are ways to learn your way out of depression. It is a rare for there to be no treatment at all for depression. Many treatments believe you need to stay in it, experience it and accept your lot. I do not think so but in order to move out of depression you would need to learn the skills and habits of those who are not depressed …..